Jonah Raydio

music news is great

replacing porno songs


Man Man- Van Helsing Boombox

on tour

Rozwell Kid - Wendy's Trash Can

Twin Temple- I Know How To Hex You

Harlan- Anyways

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Pocastgasam! We’re joined this week by guest/guy-who-wouldn’t-leave-when-asked Dave Lyons from the Beyond Yacht Rock podcast, He joins us for a round of music news and then jumps in to this weeks theme; Bands whose single made you think they were one kind of band, and whose album proved they were something else entirely. It was a hoot.


Virginity-Your Apartment

Gito Gito Hustler- Ambition

Jeanines-Winter in the Dark

Culture Abuse-Bee Kind To The Bugs


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Podcast Like Its 19999! This week we do our most popular game ever, again, international listener golf! We break down music news with a story from a band that Cash saw last week, a big fire at Universal, Elvis Costello being knighted and a near gunfight in downtown LA plus a Huckabassline . Great music this week! Check out the links and download from the bands!


Mikey Erg - Clueless and Cruel

Satellites -Plan B

the Stools- Don’t Need Nothing

Sore Thumb- The Way Things Work Around Here


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Pod what? What cast? What what? Thats right it’s Jonah Radio! We’re back!

In music news this week we talk a Pavement reunion, a Moby cancelation, and a billion for Jay Z. Jonah’d just seen Rocketman, Neil didn’t have the drops, and Cash came up with a dumb theme for this show.


Emily Edrosa- Drinking During The Day
Superchunk- Driveway to Driveway (2019 acoustic version)
TacoCat- New World
Amyl & The Sniffers- GFY


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