Jonah Raydio

Jenny Lewis- Red Bull and Hennessy(excerpt)

Kevin Allison and his LA Visit

Kevin on his records as a kid

H. Jon Benjamin- Well I Should Have…Learned to Play Piano

Euphone- Press On

Apollo Ghost- Ghost, get out of the apartment



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Live episode from Grill Em All with Brendon Small from Galatikon and Eric Powell, creator of Goon. Check out Eric on tour and get your Goon goodness signed!


We talk, we play games, we do our METALIKARAOKE thing, we teeter on the edge of feedback before plunging in. Look you think it's so easy, you engineer a metal podcast in a burger joint through a iphone jack output. Then we can talk.

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Apollo Ghost- What Are Your Influences

Wolf Girl- Every Now And Then

Nick Waterhouse- Song for Winners

Jonahs “Don’t Talk To Dave” beat with live drops.

we talk-

music news


music that opened your mind


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Sup, podcampeseros? We back with another hosty episode where we talk about the future. Future for us, future for you. Fo us it means a change coming to our network, for youse it means another chance to see us out in the world.

On March 19th, we will be heading to Grill Em All in Alhambra CA for a bow breaker of a live show, with past guest/old friend Galacticons Brendan Small and future friend Eric Powell of the Goon. It’s gonna be a racer.

We talk that, our upcoming move, and Music News! all in all it’s a show!


The Mae Shi- Lamb and Lion

TTTypes- Apocalypse Horse

POS- Savion Glover

Summer Cannibals- Say My Name


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