Jonah Raydio

A returning favorite Hutch Harris from The Thermals is our guest this week. He had come down from Portland for a bit of a vacation, so he came in and discussed what record producing is actually like, past romantic experiences and broke some big news about the status of the Thermals.  We feature a new jingle from one of our fans and Lindsay Pavlas from Max Fun to do a little tease for our first Max Fun Drive, coming the week of April 2nd!







Hutch and Kathy- I Made You a Song


Hutch and Kathy- In Brilliance


Billy Bacci- Thats The Day I Found A Job


Roswell Kid- UHF on DVD


Jingle by Male Fraud


Bugs and Rats- I Felt A Funeral In My Brain


Ink Mouth- Panic At Home


The World at Large- Grand Plans for Strange Things


S- Like Gangbusters


The Julie Ruin- I’m Done

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