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Podcast Ahoy, me mateys! This week Alex Winter and Tom Stern stop by and old friend Ryan Case helps us welcome them. We talk a bit of the Bill and Ted sequel, Jonah and Toms early days on the Andy Milonakis Show, their classic horror movie FREAKED, seeing the Ramones out in the village in NYC, working with the Cannon film guys, and more 


Jonah is in Nashville this weekend at Zanies. In Chicago the next week at the North Bar with a movie riff show, two standup sets and late saturday Jonah Raydio LIVE! With guest Jughead from SCREECHING WEASEL! And YOU have the chance to make us play YOUR GAME. Submit your game ideas to jonahraydio at gmail dot com and if you’re coming to our show, YOU come on stage and run it!


Silence- Nighttime Girls


Electric Boogaloo- doc on Cannon films


Manhattan Murder Mystery- Dumb


Butthole Surfers at CBGB’s


Eternal- Sink or Swim


Ten Arms- A Song For The Punching of Nazis


Highlyest Rec- Open Up Your Heart


Tacocat- I Hate The Weekend






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